Portable Welders

    Portable WeldersIf you have an interest in welding and many projects to work on outdoors – or in many different locations, if you are something of a ‘welding handyman’ – then your first question naturally is, what type of equipment will I need to bring these plans to fruition? The most powerful welders, after all, are also largely immobile, and with the many types on the market today, it is difficult to guess, at first glance, whether MIG or TIG, SMAW stick welders or oxyacetylene torches, are the best choice for those who need to weld on the farm, in the workshop, or at scattered worksites.

    The continued advance of welding machine technology has led to the creation of many relatively inexpensive portable welders. The best all-purpose portable welders are SMAW stick welders, because of their ability to generate their own shielding gas with flux-coated stick electrodes, but oxyacetylene torches can also be used for welding mild steel and performing brazing welds on many different kinds of metal. Fitted with the appropriate torch tip, oxyacetylene torches can also be used to slice through steel ranging from the most delicate sheet metal to ponderous girders 12” thick

    Portable & Mobile Welder


    MIG and TIG welders also have their place in the portable welding universe, however. They are harder to set up in the field, and may need special equipment such as screens to block wind flow over the work site if the job is being done outdoors, but they are also able to handle some specialized welding jobs that stick welders and torches cannot.

    Armed with a few safety devices and the high-quality, relatively inexpensive portable welders that many firms make now, you can bring the powerful bonding possibilities of welding to many jobs. There are no other metal-fastening techniques quite as thorough, strong, or lasting as a good weld, and if you learn to use one of these tools, then you can use it for construction and repair on the farm, in the workshop, and in countless other situations as well.

    Everything from carefully tacking a new section of sheet metal into place in the panel of a lovingly-restored classic car to erecting a rough-and-ready steel pole barn to shelter vehicles or animals from the weather can be accomplished using a typical portable welder, and once you have begun to weld, you will find many more applications as well, from the supremely practical to the purely decorative.