ESAB Welding Machine

    david - Posted on 20 May 2010

    Over a century old, the history of the ESAB welding machine company stretches back to the earliest days of the twentieth century – and of welding machine manufacture – when Oscar Kyellberg, a Swedish fellow vaguely resembling an overweight Dr. Watson from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective stories, created the device needed for “stick welding” when he applied a heavy flux to the outside of the consumable electrode used in the welding guns of the day.

    This innovation made it possible to weld quickly without risking oxidation of the weld pool, creating a strong weld while allowing greater welding speed. Kyellberg went on to found ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, which has built on his success to become one of the major manufacturers of welding machines in the world today.

    ESAB is currently a multinational corporation with major operations groups located in various areas of the world. America and Canada are both part of the ESAB North America network, which makes use of rigorous testing standards on all raw materials to ensure their quality and which makes considerable efforts to test the operational excellence of their equipment as well. The company focuses on making manual welding machines and cutting machines, welding consumables, automatic welding machines, and larger-scale cutting systems.

    ESAB arc welding machines

    ESAB’s main entries in the welding machine market are arc welding machines. These welding machines use a wide variety of different welding approaches, and run the gamut of current arc welding technology. Some of this technology was invented and developed by ESAB, so it is perhaps only natural that the company would continue to produce the equipment today – in a highly modernized and technically improved form, of course.

    Stick welders are part of the ESAB welding machine range, and include mini versions that can be carried like a suitcase with a carrying handle as well as large SCR-controlled installations that meant for heavy manual MMA welding. These stick welders use ESAB coated electrodes based on Kyellberg’s original design. The “CaddyArc” welding machine is portable stick welder that is durable enough to be used for outdoor welding applications.

    ESAB also produces MIG and TIG welding machines, with continuous wire feeds for longer welding. MIG equipment is characteristically easy to use, and is made mostly in industrial sizes, while TIG welders made by ESAB come in a variety of different sizes. ESAB was the creator of the original Heliarc TIG welder on which all subsequent TIG welding machines have been based, and the large industrial-strength AC TIG welders the company makes still bear the name Heliarc, after the original 1940 model. The Caddy TIG welding machines made by ESAB are portable and can provide either AC or DC output for a variety of welding tasks.

    For those who need extreme flexibility in their equipment, ESAB welding machines also include multi-process equipment in both portable and industrial sizes. These welding machines can be quickly reconfigured to operate as a MIG machine, a TIG machine, or a stick welder. When multiple types of material are being welded one after another, a multi-process welding machine can give the user or firm the ability to switch between modes rather than needing a separate welding machine for each part of the process.

    ESAB manufactures many other welding-related devices and pieces of equipment, as well as cutters and their accessories. The company’s vision is to be the global leader in welding machines, offering both excellent quality and impeccable integrity – and although the firm undoubtedly has many competitors who also offer very high quality products, there is also no doubt that ESAB welding machines are used in many places across the globe and offer many useful features to welders of all kinds.